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We build trust between innovators and their clients by designing unique brand experiences that build lasting relationships and deliver bottom line results
A constant desire to learn more and challenge the status quo
A meaningful exchange between two people where each person feels seen, heard and valued
Carefully building long-term confidence by consistently showing up and doing what you say
Delivering the highest quality, achieving the best results and then raising the bar
Being true to yourself and your chosen values with uncompromising integrity

"The customer’s perception is your reality."


- Kate Zabriskie

Our Team
With an extensive background in successfully delivering creative and technological solutions, our team will partner with you to achieve the same success in your business.
We thrive upon challenge. With speed, efficiency, and top service, we enjoy solving the toughest problems our clients face.
Dr. James Robert Fowler
Cofounder / Technology Product Advisor

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. James Robert Fowler led major contracts for the Aerospace Technology division at the N.A.S.A. Glenn Research Center. He is best known for his ability to successfully turnaround failing projects as well as his authorship of physical property software which became an aerospace industry standard.


In 1974 he stood at the forefront of digital technology, coding one of the first dynamic modeling software packages for process simulation which allowed a complex chemical plant to be completely started during a single shift, saving his company $50 million USD annually.


With a P.H.D. in Chemical Engineering, Bob enjoys working with science and technology lovers of all ages. He is the volunteer chair of the American Chemical Society’s annual National Chemistry Week program for children 8-12 years old in Cleveland, Ohio USA.

Bob works with our clients to understand and effectively translate a product's technical value. 

Susan Fowler
Cofounder / Managing Director

Susan spent 6 years at General Electric's startup division for LED lighting. Here she created marketing strategies and managed the commercialization of multiple brands with revenues exceeding $60 million USD annually. She personally authored GE Lighting's first ever blog and acted as the public relations spokesperson for a key customer segment.

As a former Guest Relations Manager and Corporate Guest Relations Advisory Board Member for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Susan helped craft and define quality customer experience and engagement practices for all Ritz-Carlton hotels. 


Susan graduated first in her class with an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior. She is currently writing a book about her recent experiences working in San Francisco / Silicon Valley and volunteering in India, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Susan helps our clients craft results driven brand and product communication strategies.

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